Friday, January 20

No Glee Live This Summer

Glee fansites may not be happy to hear that it may be harder to see their favorite Glee stars in person this year. Recent Glee Cast News indicates that the Fox network and the shows producers have decided against a live tour this summer, instead they will pour their efforts into a single charity concert at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. later this year. This news is sure to dismay and bewilder Glee Fansites, as the previous two summer tours had been very successful. 2011's "Glee Live! In Concert" tour ranked as the 16th biggest tour of 2011, brought in a reported over $40 million, and sold out all 40 shows with attendance of 485,852.
All proceeds of the charity concert will benefit the "Glee Give a Note" campaign which was inspired by Glee creator Ryan Murphy and the Fox network, and supports music programs in schools. "Glee Give a Note" is associated with the Give a Note Foundation which Murphy is a firm supporter of. Many Glee Cast News sources say that Murphy is determined to make the charity event happen, but an official date has not been set as yet. Sources say the earliest it could happen would be September.
Glee fansites should be happy when considering the positive side effects. Not touring this summer during the break will allow the shows stars the opportunity to explore other avenues and gain more exposure. The break from the show will allow your favorite Glee stars the chance to recharge and hopefully work on other projects.
Other Glee Cast News indicates that Lindsay Lohan and Whoopi Goldberg will be special guest stars in the second half of season three. Glee Fansites are abuzz with the prospect of the often troubled and controversial Lohan making an appearance on Glee. Apparently Lindsay is in negotiations to play herself, in a cameo appearance as a celebrity judge at this year's Nationals. Goldberg's role appears to be a little more substantial, and impacts the futures of Rachel, played by Lea Michele, and Kurt, played by Chris Colfer. Goldberg will visit Mckinley high school and assume the role of Carmen Tibideaux, from the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Tibideaux is the professor in charge of Rachel and Kurt's auditions for NYADA. Goldberg is slated for three episodes starting in May, and her character will shed some light on the future of the two young hopefuls.