Wednesday, February 22

Best Kathak Dance School Kolkata

Kolkata has always enjoyed the status of being the center of cultural activities in India. The city provides fantastic support and infrastructure to help your creative side reach new skies. For past so many decades, young aspiring dancers from all over the country have been coming to Kolkata, in search of dance gurus. Kolkata has given some real jewels to the world of dance. Various world acclaimed dancers belong to Kolkata.

The charm of Indian Classical dance forms can never be diluted by any other form of dancing. Various classical dances like, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Kathak, Odissi are extremely popular all over the world. The celebrated dancers of India perform at various prestigious occasions in other countries as well. Their devotion towards dance has made them famous all over the globe. These dancers now run some of the most reputed dance schools in Kolkata. A Kathak Dance School Kolkata can help the aspiring Kathak dancers to refine the most intricate skills of dance.

The success and fame enjoyed by these celebrated dancers, acts like a big motivation for the aspiring Dancer in Kolkata. But, one must keep it in mind that success eventually comes only to the deserving and hardworking talents only. Even in this modern city culture, these dance institutes in Kolkata offer a perfect example of our age old ‘guru-shishya' tradition. The unique bond between the teacher and the pupil revolves around love, trust and devotion. To become a successful Kathak dancer, one has to have complete faith in the experience and knowledge of his/ her guru. The tips and suggestions given by a dance teacher can actually nurture the talent of the student and also helps to bring out the best in him/her. Although, it is absolutely true that Kathak did not originate in West Bengal, but the professional Kathak schools in the city provide the best Kathak training in the entire country.

The roots of ‘Kathak' defiantly lie in Uttar Pradesh, but this form of Indian Classical dance has become hugely popular all over the world. The dance lovers of Kolkata simply love this beautiful and graceful dance form. This kind of fond liking for Kathak has propelled the dance schools in the city to teach it with perfection. These Kathak dance schools have talented and experienced Kathak dance teachers, who have ample knowledge about each and aspect of this splendid dance form. The eye movement, body postures, beats of Tabla, expressions, etc, are very vital details that just cannot be overlooked. The professional Kathak teachers take note of all those aspects where their pupil needs to put in some extra effort, in order to become a great Kathak dancer.

The leading Kathak Dance School Kolkata also provide ample amount of exposure to their pupils by regularly sending them to perform live at various cultural events. This helps a budding Dancer in Kolkata to overcome his/her stage fright and boosts their confidence level. These schools have helped many young dance talents of the city in winning the hearts and applaud of the dancer lovers of Kolkata.