Wednesday, March 28

Best Online Videos – So many but*not in one place!

We cannot really give a definition about the term "Best" at the specific phrase of Best Online Videos because the term "Best" is based only at the personal taste of the viewer. But even if a video is not very close to our tastes we can still appreciate the quality of it. The main source to find some Best Online Videos is the internet, but it is a very chaotic place. There are thousands of websites out there that are claiming to have the Best Online Videos on the internet. Some of these websites may do have a lot of them but no website can have all the Best Online Videos because the storage space it would require it would be extremely big. This is why the Best Online Videos have a lot of categories and even subcategories to be able to search them more easily and some sites to be more specific about the database of Best Online Videos they have.
Best Online Videos – Which are the most common categories and what are the most popular ones from these categories ?

Best Online Videos are divided into hundreds (if not thousands) categories because anything that exists in the world can be filmed and uploaded as a video. This is why the Best Online Videos have that much categories and this also why one website cannot have all the Best Online Videos that exist. The range of the Best Online Videos categories may vary from sleeping animals to painting with sand, and I said those examples to show you the imagination that the film-makers have. Some basic categories are Sports, Games, Family, Celebrity, Political, Beauty, Automotive, Fashion, Travel and I could really keep on listing for a really long time! As I said before, these categories can contain subcategories too, and this means that the number of the Best Online Videos can be almost infinite. Imagine that there were no categories and subcategories to the Best Online Videos and you were trying to find something specific to the internet. I bet you will give up in a few minutes after searching into the chaos!
Best Online Videos – Is there a website I could start with ?

A vary good place to start it would be a webpage that has a lot of catefories but a few online videos for each one of them. That would give you a very good idea of what its category contains and of course the Best Online Videos of each of these categories. The website that I will propose to you is and as I said it has many categories to browse and get an idea of what these categories are.

Tuesday, March 20

Media networks providers offer daily dose of entertainment

The satellite TV network has brought a giant improvement in the television world. The uncountable number of channels are provided by this network. However, in order to add up more flavor to the TV enthusiasts, numerous media networks providers exist on the web. With the online service, the taste and craze of watching TV has improved a lot.

In Singapore, you can find several number of media networks provider that are serving online service for the interest of people. These providers entertain television viewers by delivering updated reports of movies, dramas, news, recreation and sports, all round the year. In order to allow people easy and quick access to channels, online TV guide provider categorizes channels into groups. The channel options are namely International/ethnic, entertainment, sports, kids, Chinese, education and lifestyle, on demand channels, movies, news, and HD channels.

What you have to do is just visit the site of the provider and on the web page, click on the "TV guide" button. On clicking, this button channels guide page will be displayed that provide full details of show timings, channel number, and even description about the specific channel. The "entertainment" option is useful for those people, who are fond of watching entertaining shows. On this page, you can catch must watch shows that are going to be aired sooner or later. You are provided with detail report of the show like name, channel number, schedule time, highlight images and synopsis, as well. Online channel guide provide numerous benefits, for example, if your favorite channel is "HBO", then you can trace the shows timings of this channel, by clicking on what's on today option.

Some of media network provider do not limit their service only to online TV channel guide. They even provide a plethora of games for video gamers. You can get most popular games like competition, web, mobile and MMO(massively multiplayer online). The MMOG are popular online games that have been sub categorized as web MMO, social games, casual games, and EduPlay games. You can get any types of games of your likes, such as action and adventure, seek and find, classic and puzzle, classic Arcade, 3D, racing and shooting, and sports. Above all, World Poker club, Lady Popular, The Household and Cartoon network are some of the leading web games.

Usually, for playing online games you have to pay charges. However, some competition games are provided that can be played, free of cost. You can even download some of thrilling games on your smart phones for playing in your leisure time. Spy Mouse HD, FIFA Manager 12, Switch and Cats Revenge are some of the top listed mobile games. The site of media network providers offers download facilities for Android and premium games.

Monday, March 12

"Get busy living, or get busy dying"

Since this is my blog site, I should probably share with all of you my all-time favorite movie!  Are you all ready?  Drumroll Please!  All right, thank you for the drumroll, anyways...the movie is "Shawshank Redemption." This movie is awesome for several reasons. First of all let's talk about the director a little bit, Frank Darabont.  He was born actually in a refugee camp in France.  And if you are like me and didn't know much about him before watching this movie, and maybe still don't, does "Green Mile" ring any bells?  Thought so :)   If that is not enough said, well then, I guess you will just have to watch  that movie too then.    Darabont received seven nominations from "Shawshank Redemption" and four nominations for "Green Mile."                                                                                                                       

"Shawshank Redemption" is also currently holding the 1st spot on the IMDB top movies list.  Now that has to be enough incentive for any one thinking whether they should or should not watch the movie.    This movie has received the most votes on IMDB at 760,891 votes.     IMDB voters are just regular, casual movie viewers for the most part which pretty much implies that the movie is loved by many movie lovers out there! Well if you are still deciding whether or not to get off the couch and run over to your local Blockbuster, maybe I should mention some of the actors in it. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, to mention a few, play complimenting roles in this movie.                                                                                                                     

Here is a short summary on the movie. Andy Dufresne(Robbins) and Ellis "Red" Redding(Freeman) meet up in prison, and this movie portrays them as they share what brought them there and establish a permanent relationship with each other.  Freeman(the inmate everyone knew and respected) had been there for several years for crimes he had committed in the past and Robbins(a successful banker, obviously now not in his comfort zone) had actually been put into jail because he was accused wrongfully of murdering his wife.  "Shawshank Redemption" colorfully shows these two different characters with opposite personalities as they are drawn emotionally to each other and construct an everlasting bond of friendship.                                                               

Throughout the whole movie the viewer gets the vibe that Dufresne wants to escape because deep down he knows he is a free man.  So does he escape, you may be wondering?  Well, I guess you will have to find out for yourself-----Go to Blockbuster now!  Does he escape?  To contain from "spoiler alerts" I will have to conceal that information unfortunately.  But, I will say that this movie pertains a lot to morals and ethics, and will make you think.  You will go through several emotions, as you roller coaster your through this movie, watching two men grow to love each other from completely different backgrounds.                                                                                                                                                            

If you have just visited my site, you are probably wondering what it is all about.  My name is Josh and I am using this blog as a site where readers can receive movie buzz and plugins for movies and share their opinion on those movies. I would love to hear your opinion on whether or not the director and actors did a good job and what could of made the movie better.
I will be tagging links at the end of my blogs that will bring you straight to IMDB, if you want to learn about the cast, or directive staff, plot summary, quotes, and even interesting trivia pertaining to each movie I blog about.

Friday, March 2

Ideal Wedding Entertainment Options

It has been said that wedding can only happen once in a lifetime. Having a wedding is quite a burden especially when you are planning to make it lively and fun for the sake of your visitors. You will not want seeing your visitors bored. The only way to kill their boredom is to provide the best wedding entertainment that you can show to them.  There are already plenty of businesses which can provide such service.

In trying to provide the best wedding entertainment, there are several options wherein you can get them all or just try at least one of them. As a matter of fact, many service providers have started to provide wedding entertainment packages which can help you save money rather than individually get the package inclusions.

How about looking for the bands for wedding which can serenade your visitors? They can provide almost all the variety of wedding and non-wedding songs to continually put life at the wedding reception. The visitors may even request several songs which they can perform. With this, the visitors can sing or even dance with them. Since bands for wedding are obviously served for wedding events, make sure that you are going to get the service of a band that can control the volume of their musical instruments. Still, the bands for wedding needed to consider the ages of your wedding visitors which may not be comfortable listening to loud and noisy genre of songs. For the assurance, remind this to the band you are going to hire. Most of the time, they are paid according to the span of time they needed to stay at a location, the number of songs they needed to perform, or their exerted effort in performing the requested songs.

You should not forget the party entertainers on your list. They are the ones who can entertain the visitors using their skills or talents.  Most of the time, the party entertainers are also tagged to be standup comediennes. This means that they can make the visitors laugh out loud using their unique sense of humor. Also, you can put the singers and dancers under the category of party entertainers. This may be not so popular but magicians are starting to emerge on wedding events. You would probably say that magicians are just known to perform on birthday parties. Keep in mind that there are already the so-called "professional magicians" who do not need to wear the colorful clown suits. They are the new breeds of magicians who are more decent-looking than the typical clown magicians.

It is advisable for you to always include entertainment while planning your wedding. This can make the event worth remembering not just for you but for your visitors as well.