Thursday, April 12

Darks word Armory –offer medieval swords products and services

Darks word Armory is a company catering to a very special kind of customers. Most of these are history fanatics with a specific interest in wars. This company has undertaken a beautiful and historically important task of recreating medieval weaponry. They are presented in a combat ready mode and are historically accurate. A vast majority of their customers comprises of museums, private collections and geeks. This company has gained a remarkable reputation in forging the most resistant battle ready swords. Their customers have grown a small section of historically inclined people to theatres and studios also who have started giving importance to detail.

All of their swords are designed and hand forged with 1060 high carbon steel in Canada. All weaponry is properly tempered and combat ready. The swords come under 2 major types for a variety of uses. For theatrics and other stage reenactment combat, they come with a blunt specialization to prevent any fatalities. Another specialization offered is the sharpened edges that are specifically used for cutting purposes. The most demanded section on the website is the medieval swords section. They have abnormally large variety in this section.

It is divided into three main galleries which are complemented by a compilation of medieval daggers and armors. The first gallery has two late swords from the 12th and 14th centuries, a roman sword, the Dark Age sword and the Katz Alger also called as the Mercenary sword. The second gallery plays host to two Vikings sword, the medieval knight sword and a few swords from the famous lord of the rings trilogy such as the anduril and the ranger sword. This also has their best selling sword called ‘the Guardian". This in one of the select pieces not taken from design, this was designed by their team and has become an instant hit with customers due to its original design and beautiful blade.

The third gallery contains two gothic medieval swords, two Saxon medieval swords, three swords from 15th century, The Crecy Sword and the sword of third crusade. Apart from medieval swords, they also offer a bunch of samurai swords and medieval daggers for versatility. These include the Black Knight dagger, medieval knight dagger, the ranger dagger and the 10 years war dagger. All their products are tempered to Rockwell 53.  They also make armors like the gothic armor, gothic gorgets and gothic gauntlets. So, this website is really the perfect place for a history fanatic.